Making: Building a Connected Display

Having built a number of cool things with @TelecomsCloud API, this time I wanted to build something a little different.  I wanted to build a display unit that was both portable but very functional and could double up for use within our office while able to take to Trade shows, demo it in my various talks I do and even allow the public to interact with it in a pubic environment.  

I decided that we need two displays, one to take around and the other to use in our office.  Once we get the design build done, we can build others and make changes along the way to improve the spec. I wanted the display to perform the following functions :

onnow_31 (4)

  • Display our Tweets and number of Followers
  • Display Random tweets from Internet of Things related topics
  • Display Random tweets from the Telecoms API world
  • Display incoming text messages sent into a UK text number



With help from Marti Morta from Does Liverpool and of course the @telecomsapi team (for help with my scripts to use our API to display incoming text messages) we built it using the following kit:

  • 2 x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • 6 x Medium 16×32 RGB LED matrix panel
  • 2 of AC220V DC5V 50W 10A Switching Power Supply
  • 2 x  10A AC IEC Inlet
  • 2 x 16A, 125VAC Black Mains Switch
  • 2 x Jumper Ribbon Cable
  • 2 x Perspex overs (cut to size)
  • Various connecting cables etc.



Thanks to all of these great people and their libraries

LED Matrix Library GPL 2.0 Henner Zeller
Tweepy MIT Joshua Roesslein
Bootstrap MIT @mdo, @fat & co
Font Awesome MIT, SIL OFL 1.1 Dave Gandy
JSON Editor MIT Jeremy Dorn
Bootstrap Toggle MIT Min Hur